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DATAMARS is a leading global supplier of high performance unique-identification solutions, specializing in RFID technology. Our focus on innovation has earned us a reputation for unsurpassed quality and performance. With more than 25 years of experience, we have a clear vision of where, when and how unique ID can go beyond simple asset tracking to provide enhanced, positive returns for our customers.

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Companion Animal ID

Giving pets a silent voice when they can’t speak for themselves


Why is it important

Becoming separated from a loved pet is a stressful experience that can happen all too easily. Microchipping a pet is like giving them their own permanent form of identification.

How does it work

A pet microchip containing a unique 15 digit identification code is implanted under the animal’s skin by an animal professional.

What is needed

Microchips, injectors, scanners, and reunification platforms: everything it takes is provided by Datamars, a leading global supplier o...

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Livestock ID

Our livestock ID portfolio can greatly improve livestock tracking and identification processes to assist with tractability and disease control for the farming, ranching, feedlot and animal harvest industries. Unique ID systems for livestock management – including RFID – simplify full life cycle tracking of food source animals and facilitate daily data collection for accurate, simplified recording. Unique ID systems make it easier to track animals from birth to harvest in compliance with food safety and tractability regulations.

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