The perfect solution for every farmer.

Filter for purification of milk from somatic cells.

Purifies milk from mechanical pollutants up to 98% Reduces somatic cell counts up to 60%
Reduces bacteria contents Slows the acidity increase
Improves the thermo stability of milk Extends the milk “life”
Improves the milk quality Increases the price of one liter of milk
Increases profits Easy for replacement and installment
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Raw Milk Stabilizer

Stabimilk is a system which brings the natural substances in the raw milk to such levels and proportions that help for preservation and activation of the natural enzymes in the raw milk. In this way a bacteriostatic effect is reached and the increase of acidity is suppressed.

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Pregnancy Test

Early Detection of Cow Pregnancy.

New cow progesterone test is available on the market. It is a 10 minute easy to use strip format test with no sample preparation. This is competitive assay (i.e. a comparison between the test and control line of the strip). The test detects the progesterone level in milk samples and gives the answer if the cow is pregnant or not only 21 days after insemination.

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